美媒: 欧洲企业对中国的科技野心表示担忧

21点 www.07z6.com.cn European companies are worried about China's tech ambitions, too


It's not just the United States — European companies are worried about China's high-tech ambitions, too.



In a report published Wednesday, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China reported "significant concerns" among its members about "Made in China 2025," Beijing's plan to boost industries like robotics, electric cars and computer chips with the aim of becoming a global leader in those areas.


European firms operating in China fear such industrial policies "are tilting the playing field in favor of Chinese players," the report said.


"Made in China 2025" is one of the central justifications given by the US government for escalating a trade fight between the two countries. President Donald Trump has said the plan and other similar policies "harm companies in the United States and around the world."


In its annual report, which surveyed 532 companies in February and March, the European chamber gave a more nuanced view. It said that 43% of firms reported they had seen "increased discrimination" under the 2025 plan, which is viewed as promoting Chinese businesses.


"The onus is now on China to further expand" opportunities under the plan for foreign companies "to clearly demonstrate that it is not just aimed at achieving domestic dominance," the report said.


Chinese officials have repeatedly rejected the American criticism of the country's trade practices and industrial policies. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Tuesday said the US government is "making groundless accusations against China in order to get away with its unilateral and protectionist behavior."


The European chamber echoed US government concerns about foreign companies being forced to hand over intellectual property in order to do business in China. The report said it was "concerning" that 19% of respondents to the survey "have felt compelled to transfer technology in exchange for market access."


Chinese companies are edging ahead


But it also said that European companies' view of their Chinese rivals is shifting.


For the first time, a majority of respondents to the survey (61%) said "they perceive Chinese companies to be equally or more innovative than European firms," according to the report.


Over all, European companies found China to be a harder place to do business than the year before because of problems like regulatory barriers and limits on market access, the report said.




Marti16 hours ago

So after reading the article, the title is pure BS. European firms are not worried. Fake news and propaganda as usual from the mother of fake news, CNN



Abdul15 hours ago

Europeans have been using talent from the third world along with Americans for a long time.... I think now it is being reversed.



AmericanidiotsAreFaggots16 hours ago

Great ! China is doing something right for China! Others are nervous !



HansS14 hours ago

Well. It is China's right to develop technologically, and it is also right that their own companies should dominate their own market, just like the U.S. erect barriers against Foreign competition due to national security concerns. Europe may have the market share vacated by the U.S. because of the tariffs they imposed. Best offer.



Jing14 hours ago

only US is worried it will lose its tech leadership, hence starting the trade war.



WHOCARES10 hours ago

China has right to develop agriculture, technology and whatever it needs, it is no body's business just like China does not blame US has the most powerful weapons.



richer12 hours ago

Pro technology pro business, you can do it too instead of pro military and pro liberal pro welfare programs.



4310117 hours ago

White men don't want to see yellow men advance.



StevenH10 hours ago

why are you concerned about a country focusing on elevating its economy and improving people's life? Western politicians, please do real things for the people instead of only fattening our own pockets. That is the problem. When China has found its own way, America should reflect on ourselves instead of blaming the others. That is exactly what has been wrong in American politics right now domestically.



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